Hackathon Neurostart
What Neurostart is about?
It is a five-day marathon to create devices interacting with the human nervous system, programs analyzing its operation and VR-applications for rehabilitation, surgical planning and other medical applications.
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Hackathon tracks
Neuroengineering electronics
Design and creation of devices that would interact with central and nervous systems of a human - receiving information (biopotentials - eg. EEG, Invasional Neural Interfaces Functional MRI) and transmission (Electro Stimulation of Nerves, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Haptic Feedback, Neurophotonics
Applications for analysis of nervous system functioning
Software products for analyzing the physiology and functioning of the nervous system, applications running on data obtained from hardware diagnostics and neurointerfaces. Applications for rehabilitation with the use of brain-computer interfaces and applications for physicians and patients with diseases of the nervous system.
Bionic devices
Exoskeleton and bionic prostheses, rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities using Neurotechnology; means of robototherapy with biological feedback.
VR and AR in neurorehabilitation
Applications in virtual reality for the rehabilitation of patients with diseases and injuries of the nervous system. Augmented and virtual reality for medical personnel in neurology, neurosurgery and rehabilitation.
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Accepted projects
If you don't have a project of your own you can join any of the projects below
Rehabilitational exoskeleton of the upper limb (FEFU)
Development of the exoskeleton of the upper limb for rehabilitation for patients with Nervous System Trauma, leading to partial or complete loss of functionality
Neurostimulator of CNS (FEFU)
Development of the Neurostimulational prototype - device, implanted in the brain or the spinal cord in order to treat neurological diseases
Bionic prosthesis of foot and leg («Альфа», FEFU)
The goal of the project is to make a both active and passive prosthesis of foot and leg with the original working mechanics
Application for CT and MRI analysis (FEFU)
Development of an automatic analyzer of anatomical structures based on radiation diagnosis data
Prosthesis of the upper limb ARTBionic Forearm Prosthesis (АrtBionic, ДВФУ)
Development of bionic prosthesis with adaptive myogrpahic and intellectual control systems.
Implantable neurostimulator for prosthetics sensing (FEFU)
Development of wireless neurointerface for periferal neurous system.
Experts and mentors
Arthur Biktimirov
Functional neurosurgeon of the FEFU Medical Center
Ilia Chekh
CEO at Motorica
Oleg Pak
Главный врач FEFU Medical Center
Stanislav Karpenko
Gulenkova Julia
Director of Acceleration in the direction of "New Medical Devices and Products" in Skolkovo
Dmitry Samborsky
Specialist in the field of 3D technologies in Tolikety
Evgeny Korzhov
Head of the Department of Design FEFU, ph.d.
Olga Levitskaya
СЕО at Cyber Myonics
Want to join as a mentor?
Schedule May 15-19, 2018
15 May, Tuesday
9:00 - Registration
11:00 - Opening
13:00 - Start of work on projects
16 May, Wednesday
Work on projects
17 May, Thursday
Work on projects
18 May, Friday
Work on projects
19 May, Saturday
11:00 - Presentation of the projects
14:00 - Rewarding of winners and closing ceremony

Far Eastern Federal University
The largest university in the Far East of Russia
Partners and sponsors
If you are interested in a partnership, contact us at hackathon@neurostart.ru
Far Eastern Federal University
Russian island
FEFU campus,
Vladivostok, Russia
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